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Tonie lieder kostenlos downloaden

The playful audio system for children. You can use the Tonie-App to record your own audio adventures for our range of Creative-Tonies so that the audio can be played on the Toniebox. Get creative wherever you go! Our Creative-Tonies can’t wait to hear and hold your favourite tales and tunes. Just use the Tonie-App to record your very own stories, songs or messages – it`s as easy as a phone call. Select one of your Creative-Tonies and off you go. From bedtime story to audio treasure hunt, Creative-Tonies are up for everything:- Dad`s flight delayed? Mum having a girl`s night out? Simply record and send personal goodnight wishes for your loved ones, no matter where you are.- Create stories about your favourite Creative-Tonie characters – let the pirate tell a tale of secret treasure or let the mermaid sweeten your day at the beach, followed by some spooky-party tunes.- Create your own audio plays with familiar voices for your child. Full of life – the Live option:- With the Live option activated, you can share your experiences even more directly with your loved ones. If you switch the Live option on, the Creative-Tonie will play the most recently uploaded audio first.- You can even protect very special moments from overwriting with a safety function. Features:- All your Creative-Tonies at a glance- Recording function with the microphone of your iPhone- Upload files directly from your Dropbox or other document storage apps- Recording capacity: 90 minutesRequirements:- Toniecloud account: create your account for free at A Toniebox.- At least one Creative-Tonie that is activated for you. Log in to your Toniecloud account via to set up your Toniebox and access other customisation settings like setting the maximum volume. Mit Martin Baltscheit, einem unserer liebsten Kinderbuchautoren, haben wir exklusiv für dich eine ganz besondere Geschichte produziert. Sie erzählt vom Wesen der Kreativität und ist der perfekte Einstieg in die Welt der Fantasie.

Du findest sie kostenlos zum Download in deinem Tonie-Konto unter After incredible success across Europe, tonies have arrived in the UK. They’re set to be one of the most sought after items on the Christmas wish list for 2019. Since launching in the UK they continue to be busy adding to their fabulous collection of Tonies. They’re also available across Europe and the US too. Rather than a simple review of these two new Tonies characters that retell the classic stories and have music from the films. I wanted to let you know how we use these in our home to learn through play. I’d love to hear other ideas you have, feel free to leave a comment or email at [email protected] Du hast schon viele Lieblingsgeschichten? Dann wähle einfach einen Kreativ-Tonie in meinetonies aus und lade vorhandene Audiodateien hoch – schon kannst du deine Audiosammlung kinderleicht über die Toniebox abspielen. Sicher gibt es auch noch viele Seiten mehr und wir versuchen diese Übersicht stets aktuell zu halten.

Wenn euch etwas gefällt, downloaded es schnell, denn man weiß nie wie lange die Dateien GRATIS zur Verfügung gestellt werden.