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Amex Card Agreements

(34) Certification of interpreters. If you would like to discuss your credit card account with us in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Tagalog, please read the following information. Read section 34 on interpreter certification before activating your credit card. Lea la Seccién 34 sober certificacién de antes antes de activar su tarjeta de crédito. Your rights if you are not satisfied with your credit card purchases. If you are dissatisfied with the goods or services you purchased with your credit card and have tried, in good faith, to resolve the issue with the dealer, you may have the right not to pay the full amount owed for the purchase. To our California customers who have told us about credit card terms in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Tagalog: use your card to get cash. Examples include using your card for cash advances through an ATM, ATM or Wells Fargo Online, overdraft advances, cash transfers or similar purchases such as instructions, transfers, traveller`s cheques, lottery tickets, lottery tickets, casino tokens, off-piste bets , other bets, vouchers that can be exchanged for cash or other similar items. We ask you to pay any amount over the limit of your credit card account. However, this amount is not included in your minimum payment.

(9) Authorizations. We do not guarantee the authorization of transactions. We use the right to refuse transactions for any reason, such as bank account delay, fraudulent or illegal activities, Internet gambling or any indication of increased risk associated with the transaction. If you have abuse, abuse or gambling, or if you earn points or try to do so, we may close or restrict your Wells Fargo credit card (n). Abuse, abuse or gambling, but is not limited to multiple purchases and payments during a settlement cycle, during which the dollar for each total purchase significantly exceeds their credit limit. We can also limit the number of authorizations we allow for a period of time. Transactions made by some merchants (hotels. B, car rental agencies, restaurants and gas stations) may give rise to temporary authorizations for amounts greater than the actual amount of the purchase. This reduces the funds available in your account for several days, usually until the actual amount of the purchase is received by the merchant. If you pass on your credit card information to a reseller to bill your account for recurring payments or keep it in the file for future purchases or payments, and change your card number, expiry date or security code changes, you must notify the dealer with your new card information. Some card networks offer update services and receive updated map information from Wells Fargo.

Merchants participating in these services will receive updated card information from the network for credit cards that you have made available to the merchant for recurring or future purchases or payments. We cannot tell you which dealer will receive updated card information if your card information changes.