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Canvas User Agreement your content – YOUR PRIVILÈGERS If you use our service, you provide us with things like your files, content, messages, etc. (“Your content”). Your content is for you. You state that you have all the rights, powers and powers necessary to use the service and share your content, while respecting all applicable laws. These AUP guidelines do not give us any rights to your content, except for the limited rights that allow us to offer the service. We need your permission to do things like host your content, secure it or share it if you ask us to. This permission applies to our trusted third parties with whom we work. You give us and third parties (with whom we work) permission to use, view, host, share and back up your content. By submitting your content, you also allow us to identify you by your username and as a contributor to your content. 14.1 Electronic Communications.

Communication between you and Instructure uses electronic means, whether you visit Instructure properties or send Instructure emails, or post messages about Instructure`s properties or email them. For contractual purposes, you agree (1) to receive communications from Instructure in electronic form; and (2) agree that all conditions, agreements, communications, communications and other communications that Instructure makes available to you electronically meet all legal requirements that such communications would be compliant if they were made in writing. The above provisions do not affect the legal rights you have. 5.2 Your content. Your content remains your exclusive property at all times and you accept that you have no rights, property or interest on or in other content that appear on or in Instructure properties. You state that you have all the rights, powers and powers necessary to publish your content in Instructure properties. You agree that Instructure and its competent contractors may host, reproduce, transfer, modify, display and use your content freely (in whole or in part) to the extent that it is reasonably necessary to provide you with the services and, if necessary, in accordance with Instructure`s agreement with your entity.