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Ucla Purchasing Agreements

The legal documents and forms below are the most up-to-date versions of UC`s terms and conditions of sale and other legal forms that may be required in agreements negotiated with the University of California. The UCLA Procurement Card (Pcard) is a visa card® for employees and teachers who are responsible for purchasing. The card simplifies the purchase of most routine and inexpensive goods and services. Orders can be set up for individual purchases or in the form of framework orders, agreements that have been established several times for their use with a dollar value set for a period, usually one year. The cap exemptions are granted against a flat-rate decision setting individual areas of work and pricing. UCLA uses the services of many providers on campus and the community. These articles guide you through the processes in which you make your service decisions and purchases. A complete list of creditors with service agreements with the university can be included in the list of lender agreements. Orders funded by federal grants/cooperation agreements.

Subawards, by the Office of Contracts – Grants Admin. (OCGA) please contact the relevant purchasing office to start processing your application: Commercial contracts (BCs) are sales service contracts between UCLA and a (non-federal) customer from whom the customer pays UCLA for the provision of services and net income is obtained. “Incoming” refers to the flow of money, which means that UCLA is paid to provide services. Many agreements between the university and its suppliers are in the form of an order (PO) that uses the standard conditions of the university, or, for state-funded purchases, the purchase conditions required by the U.S. government. In addition to the use of models, other relevant policy considerations may apply to BC agreements. Models are only one step in several steps to ensure a solid agreement. The regents of the University of California have delegated to the purchasing offices the power to execute contracts to purchase goods and/or services on behalf of UCLA. Professional Services Agreements (not intended for construction) The BC unit verifies and manages product generation agreements that generate net revenues (by expenses) for UCLA on behalf of the Regents of the University of California (UC Regents).

Our goal is to provide a value-added service that meets your department`s schedules and objectives. UCLA`s P2P Savings Program was born out of the challenge of Peter Taylor, UC`s CFO, to achieve annual savings of $200 million by the GJ17. Savings will be achieved through the use of system-wide agreements and savings on the ground. Check out the monthly report of the local P2P savings program to see how UCLA is addressing its goals.