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Asset Management Advisory Agreement

This MANAGEMENT CONSULTATIVE ACCORD will be concluded and entered into force on March 15, 2006 between Chartwell International, Inc., a Nevada company (the “company”) and Orchestra Finance LLP, a company organized in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom (with its successors and allocations, “Orchestra”). Orchestra Finance LLP is, under U.S. law, a foreign entity established outside the United States of America, does not operate securities activities in the United States, and is not authorized as a broker-dealer in the United States. Orchestra Finance LLP is, however, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom to conduct activities such as the organisation of equity transactions, investment advice and investment trading as an investor or representative. . This Management Advisory Agreement of September 20, 2010 (“effective date”) is from and against CHESSCOM TECHNOLOGIES, INC., a Nevada company (the “company”) and CHESSCOM MANAGEMENT ADVISORS, INC., a Delaware company (the “consultant”) and a wholly-based subsidiary of Delaware-based LEXICON UNITED INCORPORATED. . THIS BRIEF STATEMENT CANNOT REVEAL ALL THE RISKS AND OTHER ESSENTIAL ASPECTS OF COMMODITY MARKETS. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE CAREFULLY CONSIDER THIS DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT AND THE TRADE IN RAW MATERIALS BEFORE TAKING ACTION. This amended and revised management advisory agreement (this “agreement”) was originally concluded on June 10, in 2005 by and under Panther Pantherd Services, Inc., f/k/a PTHR Holdings, Inc., a Delaware company (“Holdings”), Panther II Transportation, Inc., an Ohio company (the “company”) and Fenway Partners, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware and successor to Fenway Partners, Inc., a delaware company (“Fenway”), amended by this April 6, 2009.