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Flooring Installation Agreement

The owner must ensure that THE owner is responsible for TENIRS and/or OCCUPANTS SAFETY, as well as the corresponding lighting and heating conditions during and after the installation plan. Additional work or services that are not specified or known at the time of acceptance are charged for a fee. All quantities of materials are subject to the design and cutting possibilities of flooring. If you`re looking for flooring models, check out Consumer Carpets – Tiles, Inc. expressly guarantees that any work and treatment, except in commercial conditions that are defective in the event of normal use or wear, repairs or replaces this condition at the choice of Consumer Carpets – Tiles, Inc. at the choice of Consumer Carpets – Tiles, Inc. The buyer must notify Consumer Carpets – Tiles, Inc. in writing within three days of the discovery of such a defect and give Consumer Carpets – Tiles, Inc. a reasonable period of time to respond to such a claim after being notified by the purchaser.

All proposals exclude any use of existing flooring, soil preparation, furniture removal, attic warehouses, union work, protection of installed flooring, moisture control, moisture rehabilitation and working hours, unless otherwise stated on the proposal. There are some advantages to having your own flooring store. This includes: Consumer Carpets – Tiles, Inc. cannot guarantee direct glue installation via an existing glue. Existing glue must be removed by the contractor or owner or by consumer mats for a supplement (p.B. fix of 0.55 USD/sq. – up to 1/32″ (1 mm) thick). This proposal for the equipment and/or installation of this equipment is subject to the availability of the equipment and subject to acceptance by the company. Any delay caused by manufacturers manufacturing and/or shipping products will not result in penalties payable by Consumer Carpets – Tiles, Inc. The payment consists as follows: 30% after the conclusion of the contract (50% down payment on all special orders and only work items), 40% for the delivery of the goods and the balance due on the day of installation. This payment plan should take into account all other purchase procedures and payment plans for your business. When drafting an awardee contract, be sure to include: PandaTip: These terms are common to flooring installation projects.

If you have terms you prefer, just copy them and insert them into the text box below. A person 18 years of age and older must be present when the [Sender.Company] installation team arrives. If the installation team arrives on time and cannot access the workspace, the rescheduling fee will be charged at $50.