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Agreement Deposit China

1. High mobility: the filing of the agreement in RMB has characteristics of flexibility and, for client companies, their daily settlement operations are still free of effects after the opening of the transactions of the contribution of the agreement to RMB, while, as usual, the funds are freely entered and released. Although she signed the lease with her Beijing ID card, I don`t know what problems a foreigner faces or what application they should have after you. My wife says it`s pretty typical to break a lease and lose the bail, end of story. II. Account opening The institution and the bank opening the account sign the deposit contract based on the contract, which has a duration of no more than one year and is automatically renewed by one year, unless one of the parties requires termination or modification before expiration. In order to apply for a current account on the basis of an agreement with ICBC, the institution shall at the same time open a settlement account for the liquidation of normal economic activities, which shall be denominated in account A. In the meantime, the system creates a current account based on an agreement (hereinafter the “B account”). If the institution already has a settlement account, it is only required to take the initial settlement account as account A to make an agreement-based deposit.

The structured contribution of the “Smart Privilege Deposit” series is an RMB floating guarantee and income guarantee product with a guarantee of 100% of the invested capital. Any client company that wishes to obtain a constant income from capital can apply for this activity with our bank. After using an agreement saving on the RMB account for two constant years, when customers still need to use such an account, customers must renew their bank of China Limited Agreement deposit in RMB Contract. III. Termination of the account At the expiration of the contact, when the institution requests the termination of the contract, the current account based on the agreement is terminated and the capital and interest accumulated on account B are transferred to the settlement account. To settle account A, account B must be paid simultaneously. In principle, the customer is not allowed to demand account billing during the term of the contract. In special circumstances, a written declaration must be made. After verification and confirmation from the bank, the account is charged.

Order financing is short-term financing for the preparation of raw materials, production, shipping and other performance activities of the exporter, which are offered by the Bank in accordance with the sales contract signed by the exporter (borrower) and the foreign importer (or documents of the same legal validity, including orders and agreements, etc.), the collection of export earnings as a source of reimbursement. All qualified companies, institutions, public bodies, military services, social organizations, self-employed can apply for a bond for RMB transactions. 3. Deposits and disbursements in the same city: In cities where deposits and withdrawals made in a branch are available to corporate customers, these customers can carry out in the same city their deposit and payment operations in all connected offices (at least with an agency rank) of the Bank of China, which greatly facilitates the transfer of money and the turnover of client companies…