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Amazon Business Associate Agreement

the global agreement; Conflict. Unless modified by the terms of this Alexa BAA, all terms of the Agreement will remain in full force and effect and will apply to the terms described in this Alexa BAA. To the extent that there is a contradiction between the terms of the agreement and the terms of this Alexa BAA, the terms of this Alexa BAA take precedence. As a result of a termination or expiration of this Alexa BAA, any provision that, by reason of its nature or explicit terms, must be maintained, is in the process of being terminated or expired. This Alexa BAA, as well as the Agreement as modified by this Alexa BAA: (a) is intended by the parties as a definitive, complete and exclusive expression of the terms of their agreement; and (b) supersedes all prior agreements and understandings (whether oral or written) between the parties with respect to that specific purpose. It`s important to remember that HIPAA is not a single position that ceases after signing a counterparty agreement. It`s your team`s responsibility to maintain HIPAA security measures across your business and infrastructure at all times. The BAA is the first specialized industry agreement to make AWS available online. We chose to start with the BAA as an obligation for AWS customer organizations that are reinventing the way healthcare is designed and made available with the cloud. Many AWS customers have great stories to tell when we work together to use technology to advance the healthcare industry. Follow these instructions to download and accept the AWS BAA agreement with a single AWS account or for all accounts in an organization in AWS organizations.

Amazon`s Business Associates Addendum (AKA). Business Associates Agreement BAA) defines the HIPAA security measures managed by AWS and breaks down the distribution of compliance responsibilities between the cloud platform and customers. It is the responsibility of the client organization to ensure that it properly complies with the agreement and manages its security responsibility for HIPC compliance. AWS BAA agreements are required for certain organizations governed by the Health and Financial Accountability Act (HIPC) to comply with the Protection of Protected Health Information (IHP). You can use AWS Artifact to manage agreements for your AWS account or for all accounts in your organization, if you are using AWS Organizations. For more information, see Manage your agreements in AWS Artifact. Under HIPAA, cloud service providers (CSPs) such as AWS are considered business partners. The Business Associate Addendum (BAA) is an AWS contract, which is required in accordance with HIPAA rules to ensure that AWS properly protects protected health information (PHI). The BAA also serves to clarify and, where applicable, limit aws` permitted uses and disclosures of PHI based on the relationship between AWS and our customers and the activities or services provided by AWS. I need to enable or manage a Business Association Agreement (BAA) for AWS Organizations with an AWS account for an organization. For more information about our Business Partner Program or to request new eligible services, please contact us. In addition to the increasing use of electronic medical records, HIPAA contains provisions for protecting the security and privacy of protected health information (PHI).

PHI includes a very broad set of personally identifiable health and health data, including insurance and billing information, diagnostic data, clinical care data, and laboratory results, such as images and test results. HipC rules apply to covered companies, namely hospitals, medical service providers, employer-sponsored health plans, research institutes and insurance companies that directly process patients and patient data. The HIPAA obligation to protect PHI also extends to counterparties. Step by Step: Learn how to use AWS Artifact to accept agreements for multiple accounts in your organization. (2:07) AWS enables covered entities and their business partners submitted to the United States…