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Welcome to Real Drones

  • Intelligent Flight Management System
    Salesforce.com integration for sophisticated flight management
  • Report Generation
    Custom reports and workflow automation with email tracking notifications.
  • Pilot Management
    Know how many flights each pilot completes and is approved for.

Real Drones features

  • Pilots
  • Locations
  • Aircraft
Salesforce Contacts can be identified as qualified Pilots. Part 107 classifications and other attributes can be recorded.
Automatic emails can be setup to remind pilots of checklists. Upon completion of a flight, management can be notified that analysis has been completed.
Flight reports with annotations and customer facing reports of vegetation health can be automatically sent when flight analysis has been completed..
4K video at up to 30fps
High resolution video and images can be cataloged and organized.  .
DroneDeploy Stitching
Accuracy and quick real time stitching is achieved with DroneDeploy. These results are then shared via the Real Properties Salesforce.com app.
NDVI photographs
Vegitation health can be recorded with high accuracy. Reports over time show improvements or ares that need attention.
All aircraft, batteries, cases and other equipement can be tracked and allocations to Pilots and projectscanbe managed.
FAA Aircraft Registrations
Management of eacharicrafts FAA Registration numbers can be tracted.
Maintenance of aircraft can be associated with the number of flights. Maintenenace of each aricrat can be recorded and automated emails of over use or abuse can be setup.
Stephen MacMohan
Iphone Developer
"Consolidating our flights and tracking our pilots activities is now possible. Before using the Realdrones app this was very difficult. Having this information available in Salesforce"

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