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Phantom 4 Multi-spectral drone + D-RTK Ground Station Combo

P4 Multispectral + D-RTK 2 High Precision GNSS Mobile Station Combo

The Phantom 4 Multi-spectral is a fully integrated multi-spectral imaging drone designed for precision agriculture and environmental management. Combining data from six separate sensors to measure the health of crops, from individual plants to entire fields, as well as weeds, insects and a variety of soil conditions, the P4 Multispectral sets a new standard for easy-to-use agricultural drone applications.

DJI has created this platform with the same powerful performance standards that it is known for, including 27 minutes max flight time and up to 7 km1 transmission range with the OcuSync system.

Beneath the Surface Agriculture imagery collection is now simpler and more efficient than ever before with a built-in stabilized imaging system that collects comprehensive data sets right out of the box. Access information collected by 1 RGB camera and a multispectral camera array with 5 cameras covering Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, and Near Infrared bands – all at 2 MP with global shutter, on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. Also has an integrated spectral sunlight sensor for accurate results which calculates solar radiance and maximizes accuracy and consistency of data collection through different times of day.

Switch between a preliminary Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) analysis and the live RGB feed to immediately visualize where attention is needed, so targeted treatment decisions can be made quickly.

The D-RTK 2 Mobile Station serves as a ground-based continuously operating reference for aerial surveying and mapping. A built-in high-gain antenna compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and GALILEO satellite navigation systems provides centimeter-level accuracy. Its carbon fiber body is lightweight and rugged, so it can be used in most real-world working conditions.