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Software License Agreement Law Insider

This License Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legally valid agreement between Nokia Technologies Ltd., Karaportti 3, FI-02610 Espoo, Finland (“Nokia”) and you (“Licensee”) for the Licensed Software (defined below) from the date the Licensed Software was provided to you through a download link or similar means (“Effective Date”). These additional terms supersede all inconsistent or conflicting terms of the binary license agreement or any license contained in the software. This Software License Agreement (“SLA”) is a legally valid agreement between you (i.e. a natural or legal person) and passware for the aforementioned Passware software, which includes computer software and may include related media, printed materials and “online” or electronic documentation (“SOFTWARE PRODUCT”). By installing, copying or using the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, you agree to the terms of this SLA. If you do not agree to the terms of this SLA, do not install or use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT; However, you can return it to your place of purchase for a full refund. The software license agreement is displayed in the [license agreement] dialog box. A software license agreement is an agreement between the “licensor” and the purchaser of the right to use the software. In addition to the buyer`s automatic rights, including the doctrine of first sale and 17 U.S.C§ 117 [1] (Freedom of Use, Archiving, Auction, and Backup), the license may determine the possibilities of using the copy. The Two-Foot Contour License Agreement, including the attached Exhibits (collectively, “Agreement”), is entered into by and between Baker-Aicklen, Inc., a Texas corporation, with an office located at 507 West Liberty Ave, Round Rock Texas 78664 (“Licensors”) and Williamson County, Texas; Upper Brushy Creek WCID; and Manville Water Supply Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “licensee”). The date of entry into force of this Agreement is the date of performance of this Agreement by the last Party (“Date of Entry into Force”).

This agreement contains the conditions under which the licensor grants the licensees a license for the two-foot contours for Williamson County, Texas. LEARNING CONSORTIUM, INC. (“AGREEMENT”) is endorsed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (“IMS”) and to the registered user on behalf of licensee who has provided contact information through the IMS website or in writing to IMS and who has accessed this license agreement. The customer buys standard software from the seller so that they can be used as SYMAX or SMC01 control software. The software is only used to control the devices purchased by the customer under this license agreement. This agreement (the “Agreement”) is between COBB Tuning Products, LLC (“COBB”) and you, the Customer (“Licensee”). The terms of this Agreement shall be designed by the Parties as the final expression of their agreement with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement and shall not be rebutted by evidence of prior or simultaneous agreement. This Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive declaration of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and no extrinsic evidence may be introduced into any legal proceedings that may concern the Agreement. This Agreement supersedes all other written agreements between you and COBB and may only be modified by a letter from both parties. This is a favourable agreement (“agreement”) between the end customer (“you”) and heimdall`s supplying company (the providing company is hereinafter referred to as “HEIMDALL”).

The place of receipt of the heimdall product (hereinafter referred to as “PRODUCT”) and maintenance of the software (hereinafter “MAINTENANCE”) is determined by the unit of provision under this agreement. . . .